Big Time Energy

Branding, Packaging & Print Design

We partner with Mind and Metrics, a Brooklyn marketing agency, to deliver high quality creative content to their large book of clients. Big Time Energy is one of the first branding projects that we white-labelled for Mind and Metrics- we created proofs and prepared them on M&M letterhead, and even communicated with their clients directly as part of their team. It’s a pleasure to work with such a great partner and to help our clients succeed by playing to both of our strengths as agencies.


Logo Design & Branding

We knew that the brand new energy supplement, Big Time Energy, would be displayed on convenience store counters, so we knew the branding had to be bright, eye-catching, and exciting. After a few rounds of proofs and improvements, we landed on an bright yellow with a red texture gradient overlaid, big and bold text, and whimsical silhouettes doing on-brand activities.

Packaging & Print Design

We chose the colors and bold text specifically to stand out in a retail setting, so when it came time to design the packaging, we had our work cut out for us. It is always crucial to have the same recognizable feel throughout all of the Big Time Energy products, so we found ways to incorporate the same colors, textures, and figurines, but keep it fresh and interesting.



Website & UX

To generate excitement about the new product, ahead of the product launch the client contracted us to create a landing page that highlights the bold and exciting brand we had already established, incorporate on-brand real-world applications for the product, and to generate excitement for future variants of the product.