Evolution Craft Brewery

When we first met with EVO, it was to discuss taking over the responsibilities of their Brand Manager, who at the time was on the verge of a year-long hiking hiatus. They are one of many clients who use Remotely as an alternative to an in-house creative team.   


Digital & Social Ads

One of the first needs we met for Evo was creating assets for marketing campaigns on the biggest social platforms for their target audience: Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat. We helped the Evo team launch an exciting, cohesive, and most importantly, successful digital marketing campaign.

Print & Advertisement

In a beach town, print advertising can make or break a business. We had the pleasure of creating a variety of print ads for billboards, flyers and postcards to complement the already successful digital campaign.



Beer Truck Wrap

Designing a graphic wrap for the Evo delivery truck was a huge opportunity to increase brand awareness in the outdoorsy Eastern Shore. We incorporated the same boardwalk-inspired wooden imagery as well as the extremely popular Maryland flag and of course the Maryland hallmark: a crab claw.


In a vacation hotspot like the Eastern Shore, the souvenir business is booming. We had the pleasure of designing and screen printing a variety of merchandise for Evo.